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Disability Case Management

Zenitas Care are registered under the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) to provide disability support coordination and case management to NDIS participants.

What does support coordination mean?

We can provide assistance to people living with a significant or permanent disability, and to carers and families. As part of our case management services, we can help with coordinating or managing life and transitional stages, general support, and utilisation of compensation claims.

Support coordination involves an independent case coordinator working with participants to help coordinate and implement supports outlined in your plan. It is our goal to help you participate more fully in the community. We do this by:

  • linking you to appropriate providers to meet your needs
  • providing assistance to relevant source providers
  • coordinating a range of supports, both funded and mainstream, and building on informal supports
  • resolving crisis situations
  • helping you develop resilience in your own network and community

What are the steps involved in Disability Case Management?

Stage 1: Support Connection
We can help you to connect with informal, mainstream and funded supports. This helps to strengthen your ability:

  • to build support relationships
  • complete an individual support plan
  • effectively budget for desired supports
  • participate independently in the NDIA processes

If you have an existing plan or supports in place and are satisfied with the supports provided, you can choose to bypass ‘support connection’ and commence immediately at Stage 2.

Stage 2: Support Coordination
After you are satisfied with your support connection, we will help you coordinate these supports, and navigate the somewhat complex service delivery environment. This can include assistance with:

  • setting up and scheduling ongoing supports
  • arranging once-off or ad-hoc supports
  • problem solving service delivery issues
  • resolving crisis situations
  • working collaboratively with participants and the NDIA to ensure appropriate supports are in place, especially surrounding plan review stages
  • regularly review of current supports and consider suitable alternatives
  • develop capacity and resilience in a participant’s network and coordinating supports from a range of sources 


Case Managers act as the liaison between the client and insurance company by:

  • Assisting with organising appointments
  • Assisting with communication between all parties involved
  • Reminding clients of appointments etc
  • Attending appointments with client as requested.
  • Follow up on requests from lawyers, public trustee/advocate, client etc
  • Liaise with coordinators of support care to make arrangements
  • Acting as the main point of contact (the middle person - for invoicing purposes, for example)

What insurers do you work with?
  • Allianz
  • TIO

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